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Hello Xero

When it comes to online accounting, Xero has made a name for itself as the go-to software for small and medium businesses. It takes away the stress of managing the finances of your business, and even makes it enjoyable! Xero is cloud based, making it really easy to collaborate with BBA on your accounts. As financial information is inputted into Xero, we can view it in real-time and advise accordingly. It's efficient and cost-effective.



Does your Business Need Xero?

BBA are Xero-certified advisors, so we'll be able to decide if this is the right online accounting software for you. We've helped plenty businesses from different industries start using Xero, and we can direct you through the changeover process. Then you can further enhance your accounting experience with Xero add-ons like Payroll or Stock Control, whilst enjoying the benefits listed below.


Advantages of Xero

1. Smart Banking

Say goodbye to manual importation of banking, credit card and Paypal transactions – Xero does it all for you. Once Xero has all the data, intuitive bank reconciliations mean all you need to do is check the transaction, click OK, and its reconciled. Beautiful.


2. Customisable Invoicing

The fully customisable invoice layouts in Xero look professional and are easy to use. It's easy to email invoices to your customers who can choose to pay online so you get paid quicker, and you can automate repeat invoices. And you won't have to hear those 'lost invoice' excuses anymore, because Xero tells you when your invoice is opened! 


3. Stay on Top of your Bills

With Xero you'll see how much you owe, and when. The ability to plan and schedule payments for the future gives you greater power over your cashflow, and limits surprises to your bank account. It's an easy process to add a bill to Xero, and multiple bills can be paid via batch payments. Effortless.

4. Single Click Reports and Budgets

You can create interactive reports and budgets from your business accounting data with a single click. Over 40 one-click reports can be made, from balance sheets to profit and loss statements and much more. Even preparing your GST is a simple process, as your return is automatically calculated by Xero.

5. Work Remotely

So long as you have an internet connection, you can log onto Xero wherever you are at any time of the day or night. No installations required, no updates required, and you can rest assured that all your data is safely backed up by Xero. The Xero Touch App even lets you access Xero on your phone, so you can run your business from your pocket.

6. A World of Add-ons

Xero lets external companies develop software products that work with Xero. This means you get some amazing add-ons that save you time and effort, from stock control to payroll. New add-ons are constantly being created too… why not have a look at the available range here.





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