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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do we charge for every phone call?
    No, we treat short, general calls as an opportunity to build our client relationships. In the case of complex matters we recommend arranging an appointment to discuss the matter face to face.
  • Do we charge for travel time?
    No, unless circumstances requiring travel are agreed with our clients. We consider it essential to visit your business premises to understand the environment you operate in.
  • Can we assist with financial planning?
    BBA is not a licensed financial planner and as such cannot provide financial advice directly. We work in conjunction with a handful of professional licensed financial planners best suited to your situation and personality. We can advise in relation to residential and commercial property investment structuring and taxation matters.
  • What about finance?
    We can assist with organising your finance, ensuring taxation and financial information required for your application is co-ordinated.
  • Do we return our phone calls?
    Yes, even if we cannot deal with your request straight away we'll return your call so you know what is going on. We respond to client calls on the same business day.
  • What if my work is delayed?
    If we have advised a completion date we will contact you to let you know why the job is delayed and when we expect to complete it. We aim to complete business clients within 4 weeks of receiving the work.
  • What about urgent work?
    Yes we can respond to this, however we endeavour to ensure our clients do not fail to plan.
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