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Are Financial Planners Needed?

Why I Have a Financial Planner

Matt Hazlewood, principle Balanced Business Accounting

I have been a Chartered Accountant for 22 years now. With my skills you would think I really don't need to use a financial planner. I understand how Tax and investments work together and I can build cash flow and capital growth spreadsheet models to determine how much I need to put aside to reach my financial goals.

What I do need however is someone to hold me accountable. I want someone to make sure I do the things I need to, when I need to do them. Like everyone, I get busy with something else and don't do it. It's like having a personal trainer. I don't really need someone to tell me to eat better and exercise more. I know that. But without someone keeping me accountable, I can slip into bad habits.

Whilst I have the knowledge I need, I don't necessarily have the time needed to develop, manage and monitor an ongoing dynamic financial plan.

Like most of us, I work long hours. I enjoy my work, but it is demanding and when I get home at night, I really value my free time. I enjoy spending that time with my family, the pursuit of my personal interests, and unwinding, perhaps with a good book or a movie.

So, whilst I could spend the free time I have each night pouring over spreadsheets, researching investment opportunities and keeping up with changing investment and economic conditions. I have discovered it is far more efficient to outsource the responsibility of undertaking those tasks to my financial planner. He has the time and resources to do a better job of it than I can and most importantly it protects my limited "Me time". That for me carries a very high value.

I also need someone to guide me on investment selection. What managed funds should I be using, what other investments should I be buying, such as fixed interest, property and other investments to consider and how do they all blend together. I want investment advice designed to reach my financial goals with as much certainty as possible, so the ability to measure, quantify and manage risk as well as reward, was high on my "need to tick the box" list. 

I enjoy my work and my life, and whilst I am able to continue to deliver a quality service to my clients, then I have no fixed retirement date in mind.

But, no doubt there will come a time when I will need to retire, or I may want to pursue other challenges. With the help and guidance of my financial planner we are on track to build enough personal wealth to enjoy freedom of choice and live life as we please.

My advisor is a counsellor and coach first, and a financial planner second. My wife and I enjoy peace of mind knowing we are on track to achieve our financial goals and our family and I are secure and financially protected if I get sick or worse. This to me is where the value lies in the relationship.

My Financial Planner is Tony Regan and I recommend him to you.

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